SpeekIO Make Recruitment easier and more affordable.

Are you and your colleagues reading through stacks of CVs and applications as the first phase of your recruitment process? Do you wish you could have saved over half of your initial interviews with potential candidates? SpeekIO's simple screening tool streamlines your recruitment process and helps you find the right candidate every time. Forget about unstructured read-throughs of stacks of applications and get started with SpeekIO today

Choose the right candidate


Choose the right candidate

We automate your video interviews with candidates. Now you can get your graduates to do video presentations as self-service. It's easy and fast and gives you a better feel for the candidate's appearance, presentation technique, and rhetorical skills before entering the stage of personal interviews.

Screen your candidates with your own questionnaire

Different jobs require different skills; with SpeekIO you can customize your own screening test and tailor them to your exact needs and wishes for every candidate. The SpeekIO test module includes 11 different question types to ensure that you get a better feel for the candidate before any face-to-face interviews are conducted.


Assess candidates in the system and submit to the decision-maker

You can make assessments, comment and submit video applications along with questionnaire responses directly to the decision-maker. In addition, SpeekIO includes a meeting call function where it is possible to invite all desired candidates for personal in-person interviews.

Packed with features

Video Applications

Create your own questions and let candidates answer via video. Use SpeekIO for normal video communication, Let the customers get in touch with you directly from your website. Invite candidates or customers to a real-time video meeting by sending them an e-mail.

Link from job ads

Link to your pre-screening questionnaires directly in your job ads or email them to selected candidates.

No software or downloads

SpeekIO runs in the browser no need to download or install any software. Candidates can easily start recording videos or participate in a video conference call with SpeekIO.

Layout and templates

Create your own tests, templates, and video interviews tailored to your specific recruitment process. Conduct your interviews as an in-browser web interview.

Effective job creation

Create new jobs easily and effectively with the SpeekIO power tools. All applicants and applications with automatically be saved in your personal candidate bank.

Candidate management

Review and filter all candidates and save time trying to find the right candidate. Quickly browse through all the incoming applications and achieve a proper overview of all candidates. Conduct reviews, write comments, and forward applications to your colleagues or other customers.